Writing a problem statement

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Writing a Good Problem Statement

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We are pleased to announce winners of the third Bad Writing Contest, sponsored by the scholarly journal Philosophy and Literature and its internet discussion group, PHIL-LIT.

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The Bad Writing Contest attempts to locate the ugliest, most stylistically awful passage found in a scholarly book or article published in the last few years. Sample Problem Statement. Overfill has been a serious problem facing our city waste facilities for the last decade.

By some estimations, our city dumps are, on average, 30% above capacity—an unsanitary, unsafe, and unwise position for our city to be in.

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In project management, the problem statement is part of the project charter and defines what the problem is so that the project team and stakeholders can focus their attention on solving the problem.

Either a project manager of business analyst may prepare the problem statement. In Process Writing, we have emphasized the fact that it is very hard for the teacher to concentrate on both the grammar and the organization errors on a student paper and still not discourage the student with those red marks all over the skayra.comd, we have suggested that the students should be able to comment on and edit their own paper to a certain extent.

The specific problem statement begins, “The specific problem is _____ resulting in _____.” In the first area, be prepared to state the specific problem that your project is designed to examine; and, in the second blank, isolate the negative consequences of the problem, as modeled below.

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Problem statement

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Writing a problem statement
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The Thesis Statement