Different masks people wear essay example

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African Paper Masks

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History of Masks - Ancient Use of Masks

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The Masks We Wear

For example, when both people talk as a Parent to the other’s Child, their wires get crossed and conflict results. When this happens, first go to the state that the other person is in to talk at the same level.

Here one is also likely to attract people who also wear masks and who will only accept then for the mask that they wear. It does not mean that it is only safe to wear a mask in the outside world; what it means is that people simply project their fears onto others. I envision what I want people to see, and it is my intent to be perceived that way.

I believe that we are not the masks we wear; that these are only fronts made for the purpose of hiding our true nature. Everyone’s mask is different; they vary in degrees of opacity, or how close the mask is to the person’s true nature.

All of these aspects are different at the Cajun Mardi Gras. The costumes mock the nobility, the clergy and the educated; people wear miter hats, mortarboards and capuchons, which were initially created to mock the tall pointy hats worn by noble women.

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Different masks people wear essay example
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