A solution to factory farming ethics

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A Solution to Factory Farming Ethics

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Factory Farming vs. Alternative Farming: The Humane Hoax

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Nov 08,  · Indeed, the factory model implies significant land-use change and deforestation, beginning with the production of feed.

As it stands, about one-third of existing agricultural land is used for feed production, with the total share used for livestock production, including grazing, amounting to. A factory farm is a large, industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Over 95% of farm animals in the U.S.

are raised in factory farms, which focus on profit and efficiency at the expense of animal welfare. Is factory farming ethical? It’s obvious that factory farming is a very controversial topic. As discussed in class, ethics deals with individual character and the moral rules that govern and limit our conduct; investigating questions of right and wrong.

From my point of view, factory farming is unethical. As explained above, we cannot humanely raise nine billion animals. Going vegan is the only solution.

Also, keep in mind that some meat, eggs and dairy products are misleadingly marketed as "humane" but offer only marginal improvements over traditional factory farming. No matter the label, no matter the scale, commercially “farming” an animal for her meat, milk or eggs is factory farming.

If an animal is hatched into this world in a sterile metal drawer without the comfort of her mother and a soft nest – that is factory farming. Factory farming is a term that makes up a multitude of disturbing images, from rows of animals packed tightly into gigantic warehouses and misused workers striving for substandard wages, to massive amounts of pollutants spilling into the environment.

A solution to factory farming ethics
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